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Shout Outs!

Lisa G.

25 Aug 2015

"The Cart Hot Dog Company is fabulous!  I hired them to host our Family Movie Night at La Purisima Catholic School.  They serve the best hot dogs - every - not to mention it was one of the hottest days in August - their hand-squeezed lemonade was perfect!  I HIGHLY recommend them"

Mrs. S.

12 Nov 2015

"My family was happy to find this affordable Hot Dog Cart at the local school's holiday event. The attractive cart was clean and came well-equipped with a full range of traditional condiments plus beverages, chips & more.  Dogs were tasty as could be, with kraut piled really high on the specialty variety I chose.  Owner was quick to serve, professional, and very friendly.  The food experience exceeded our expectations...couldn't ask for more!"

Charlene & Shelly

18 Dec 2015

"We’ve had quite a few food trucks participate at our Vintage Market, and by far, The Cart Hot Dog Co. is one of our favorites!  They provide quality, yummy hot dogs & lemonade with affordable prices.  You can always count on their positive, friendly customer service and we look forward to a lasting business relationship with them!"

Brooke B.

16 Dec 2015

"In all honesty, the cart provided the best price for a full plate and a drink out of the other taco carts in the LA area... What I did expect is exactly what we received and more- an on time (and even early) delivery, a clean and adorable set up, good food, great service and a price that was better than other taco carts in the LA area. We were very happy with Bobby and Jamie from the start to finish, they have also been great vendors at my work related events as well.  "

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